Xbox or Playstation for an Apple Fan.


Hello All,

I am a big Apple fan, I use a mac, iPhone, iPad and apple tv I have less and less time to game and I currently have an Xbox one S and a PS4 Pro, I have to pick one (but could upgrade the Xbox to Scorpio).

This is because I don't have time to play all the games that come out and only want to invest in one system, my favourite games are The Witcher, Dragon Age, Mass effect, Skyrim etc. Essentially Story games and primarily RPG.

Previously had a 360 and ps3, tend to prefer the xbox controller and it looks/feels slightly more 'mature' and Aesthetically it's now much more acceptable (one S) compared to the PS4.

ME: Andromeda is the only game I'm looking forward to playing at the moment.

I enjoyed the Last of Us but Uncharted leaves me a bit cold and previously loved Halo it's not as interesting any more, so exclusives on both sides don't interest me massively (so far).

I can't decide and need to pick now (as I'm moving) and thought I'd ask you good folks.

Which console do you think fits best for me?