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A look at Wes Anderson's older, weirder, and more obscure influences

Borrowing from the greats

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Wes Anderson’s films have a very distinctive and recognizable visual style, one that’s a product of a deep understanding of cinematic history. A short video by French actress Candice Drouet takes a look at the director’s influences by putting his films alongside the scenes that he emulates.

This video takes scenes from films like Torn Curtain, Eyes Wide Shut, 39 Steps, and Lawrence of Arabia, and runs them next to the ones that Anderson has replicated in his movies. Anderson has spoken about the directors and films that have influenced him, and what makes this video effective is how it lets the scenes speak for themselves, without the need for additional commentary. Ultimately, it highlights why Anderson’s films are so fascinating to watch: they’re an intriguing hodgepodge of film references that honor some of the industry’s greatest creators.