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Latest iOS 10 update has significantly reduced iPhone 6 and 6S random shutdown issues

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Over the past few months, some iPhone 6 and 6S users reported that their phones would randomly shut down, forcing users to plug in their devices to bring them back to life. While Apple has offered a repair program to replace potentially malfunctioning batteries, the latest update to iOS 10 should help automatically fix the issue.

As reported by TechCrunch, iOS 10.2.1, released in late January, has led to an 80 percent reduction of unexpected shutdowns on the iPhone 6S, and a 70 percent reduction on the iPhone 6. The report says that older batteries found in devices like the 6 and 6S were experiencing sudden spikes in activity, which caused an emergency shutdown. This is why newer batteries on iPhone 7 devices were not affected.

Alongside the fix, the new update should also bring an alert that lets you know if your phone battery needs to be replaced. When your phone battery is deemed too old, you should now receive a notification in your settings that prompts you to take the device for service. Apple shared that about 50 percent of users have already updated to the latest version of iOS 10, so if you haven’t, now’s a pretty good time to do so.