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Nintendo is suing a Mario Kart-themed go-karting service in Tokyo

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Real Mario Kart In Tokyo Photo by Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

Nintendo filed a lawsuit today claiming that a Tokyo-based go-karting service is ripping its ideas directly from Mario Kart. The service, called MariCar, is known for its go-kart tours around the city, during which riders don costumes of different Nintendo characters, like Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. Nintendo alleges the company never obtained permission to use these costumes and that its entire business is based off Nintendo’s product. MariCar represents a play off Mario Kart, Nintendo says, and is an infringement on its copyright.

People seem to really love MariCar, at least according to TripAdvisor. So sorry, y’all. That said, another similar go-karting experience where riders dress up in Nintendo costumes also exists in the city — Akibakart — but Nintendo isn’t taking issue with that service just yet.