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7 foods I found on Facebook Marketplace

7 foods I found on Facebook Marketplace


Hope you’re hungry

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Dami Lee | The Verge

When Facebook launched Marketplace last fall, it had envisioned itself as a hybrid between eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. Checking in on Marketplace months later, I’d like to argue that that assessment is inaccurate. Rather, Marketplace is more appropriately Craigslist meets Seamless. And it’s my new favorite place on the internet.

Have you checked your local offerings on Facebook Marketplace? Swipe through a bunch of used bookcases, blenders, and couches and you might soon come across something truly eye-catching, like this pair of bread loaves. Do you prefer your bread crust baby smooth on the outside, or a little lumpy in texture? For $5, why not both?

Internet bloggers tell me meal prepping is a great way to have a week’s worth of food laid out and ready to eat in just one afternoon of your time. But why bother with that trouble when entrepreneurial Facebookers are here to keep you fed? Holla at your new friend, pick up some 16-minute-old bread. Once you have them, here are some meatballs to throw on them buns. They’re homemade, so I’m told thrice.

You might also wanna help out this person clear their kitchen, who obviously made too much grub for the Halloween party they threw four months ago.

Still hungry? There’s also this giant ass pot of clam chowder.

You’re gonna need some dessert to go with that heavy of a meal.

I realize there are no fruits on this Facebook Marketplace diet. Don’t let that mistake you for a moment that fruits are not available for the Facebook Marketplace eater population.

I’m not certain what make these Christmas bananas more fantastic than regular bananas, but for $1,000 they must be truly special.

When all else fails, why subscribe to a food delivery startup when this self-starter in Brooklyn will bring you Thai meals every Tuesday?

The list goes on. Scanning Facebook’s Marketplace guideline, it does not specifically forbid food items from being advertised and sold — though some pioneers have been arrested for potentially violating health codes, so you may want to dine at your own discretion.

What I love about Marketplace is that the things offered here, for the most part, feel like they genuinely represent who Facebook users are. Whereas regular Facebook and Twitter is full of politicking for the sake of likes and retweets, and Instagram (while beautiful and largely conflict-free) is craftily manufactured, Marketplace is just regular people with their boring, mundane stuff. Photos are not taken on an overhead angle, meticulously edited to bring out their color vibrancy. There are no celebrities, brands, media personalities, or web publications trying to influence you with their ~content~. On Marketplace, we’re all just here to feed our families or get fed.

That said, things that are sold here can get weird as hell, as outlined above. If you have any interesting Marketplace finds, please share the gems in the comments.