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A second-generation iPod prototype showed up on eBay

A second-generation iPod prototype showed up on eBay


Got $100,000 to spare?

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Rare experimental devices show up on eBay every now and again, and this weekend, a prototype of an Apple iPod has surfaced with a staggering asking price: $99,995.

According to the listing, the device is a first-generation prototype sporting a red circuitboard with 5GB of storage. “I have never seen another iPod prototype 1st gen like this before,” the seller claims. “Not only is it in fantastic shape, given it's age and it being a prototype, but it has a red board inside. As you can see from the photos, the iPod still holds a charge and is fully functional.”

9to5Mac notes that the device could be a second-generation prototype, pointing that the internal board is dated 2002, the year after the iPod was first released.