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Amazon's Alexa is now also a Moto Mod

Amazon's Alexa is now also a Moto Mod

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A slew of new Moto Mods are headed our way, which include a power pack, a wireless charging adaptor, and a turbo charging adaptor. But the most interesting of the bunch is the Amazon Alexa Moto Mod, which will add the virtual assistant into any Moto Z device.

At its Mobile World Congress keynote, Amazon’s Director of Alexa Voice Service Jon Kirk announced that it would partner with Motorola to create a speaker Moto Mod that essentially turns your phone into a portable Amazon Echo. In a concept video, the Mod is stuck to the back of a Moto Z, and users can place their phone screen side down to use it as a speaker. It’ll even have the blue ombre glow around the edges to let you know when you’ve activated Alexa. The Alexa Moto Mod is expected to launch later this year.

Additionally, Motorola also announced a gaming Mod that snaps onto the sides of the Moto Z. The Mod has a built-in speaker, gaming controls, and some pre-loaded games — and with it on, it looks a whole lot like the Nintendo Switch. Pricing was not yet announced, but it is expected to arrive this summer.

Motorola also teased several concept Mods, such as a photo printer, a multi-SIM adapter, and a Mod tower to charge multiple Mods. So far, the company appears to be on track to deliver its promise of releasing at least 12 Moto Mods per year (targeting four each quarter).