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Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to Shadow of Mordor, leaks via early Target listing

Middle-earth: Shadow of War, the sequel to Shadow of Mordor, leaks via early Target listing


Return to Mordor

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Our first look of the long-awaited sequel to 2014’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor appears to have leaked early thanks to a Target listing today.

The follow-up, titled Middle-earth: Shadow of War, appears to continue the story of Talion (and the wraith Celebrimbor that possesses him), as the duo continue to seek vengeance against the Dark Lord Sauron. The first game saw Talion battle his way through the Orcish hordes of Mordor in an effort to avenge the death of his family at the hands of Sauron’s captains, pairing sword and stealth combat with Celebrimbor’s more magical abilities to destroy and dominate.

Per the game’s official description:

Go behind enemy lines to forge your army, conquer Fortresses and dominate Mordor from within. Experience how the award winning Nemesis System creates unique personal stories with every enemy and follower, and confront the full power of the Dark Lord Sauron and his Ringwraiths in this epic new story of Middle-earth. 

In Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™, nothing will be forgotten.

Target’s listing notes that Shadow of War will also feature the return of Shadow of Mordor’s unique Nemesis System, in which the specific enemies who defeated you grow stronger and return to battle you again, adding a constantly changing personal element to each playthrough.

The Target page claims that Shadow of War will be released on August 22nd for both Xbox One and PS4, but given the early nature of the leak, it’s best to take that date with a grain of salt. With GDC 2017 taking place this week, though, it’s likely we’ll have more official news on Shadow of War soon.