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So there was a DeLorean at the Oscars?

So there was a DeLorean at the Oscars?

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89th Annual Academy Awards - Show
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

For reasons that are still unclear, Seth Rogen and Michael J. Fox arrived on the Oscars stage in a DeLorean before presenting the Academy Award for Best Film Editing to Hacksaw Ridge. Rogen was even wearing Nike Air Mags. He then broke into singing a song from Hamilton. I’m very confused.

All this was probably to celebrate Back to the Future, which Rogen talked up in a filmed segment before he arrived on stage. It was quite possibly the coolest random moment in an evening full of random moments that felt shoe-horned in from out of nowhere. The awards show opened with a lengthy number featuring Justin Timberlake singing Can’t Stop the Feeling” from Trolls. Later, Kimmel rained candy from the ceiling, invited a bus full of tourists into the venue to greet the celebrities sitting in the front row, and continued his war against Matt Damon. Very little of this made sense, but hey it’s 2017 and this is our reality.

Michael J. Fox and Seth Rogen emerge from a DeLorean