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Watch Jimmy Kimmel troll Donald Trump on Twitter from the Oscars stage

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U up?

In an okay joke, a rare island in an ocean of terrible jokes, Jimmy Kimmel tweeted at Donald Trump from the Oscars stage.

The tweets themselves could have been funnier, but it was a pretty good jab at our president, who has lashed out at 20-time Oscar-nominee Meryl Streep for an awards show speech she gave about him and who can’t seem to resist tweeting about his every annoyance, paranoid conspiracy theory, and perceived slight. Kimmel tweeted “u up?” and a reference to the bizarre Streep feud.

For Twitter’s part, here is a reaction from a member of their Communications team.

Kimmel tweeted from a Samsung phone, which surprised a lot of live-tweeters but makes sense because Samsung regularly sponsors the Academy Awards.