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Watch the first trailer for Bright, the Netflix movie starring Will Smith and an orc

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Netflix used tonight's Academy Awards to show off the first trailer for Bright, a cop drama set in a version of our world that also contains orcs, elves, and other mystical creatures. The short teaser doesn't give too much away, but provides an idea of how the film will combine gritty realism with fantasy, showing LAPD officer Will Smith clutching a battered-looking broadsword, alongside a shotgun-toting orc, played by Warrior star Joel Edgerton.

Netflix spent upwards of $90 million on Bright, helmed by Suicide Squad director David Ayers. That investment that includes $3 million for the script — written by Max Landis — with another $45 million set aside for shooting. The figure represents the streaming service's biggest project so far, and is something of a statement of intent: unlike some of its earlier movie purchases, Bright is a big-budget picture with big names attached, and could be a big draw for Netflix over both competing services and traditional movie theaters.