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Windows 10 will soon let you block desktop apps from installing

Windows 10 will soon let you block desktop apps from installing


Just like macOS

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Windows 10 REVIEW embargoed

Microsoft is adding a last-minute feature to its Windows 10 Creators Update that is designed to block desktop apps from installing. MSPoweruser reports that the latest Windows Insider preview build of Windows 10 includes options to only allow apps from the Windows Store, but the feature appears to be set as allowing apps from anywhere to install by default. It could be a useful feature to enable on a family PC to prevent rogue desktop apps from being installed.

It’s a similar security feature to what Apple introduced with macOS to prevent unsigned and non-store apps from being installed. Microsoft’s approach appears to be opt-in during the test phases of this particular Windows 10 update, but it’s already drawn criticism from Tim Sweeney, Epic Games co-founder. Sweeney has attacked Microsoft on several occasions for its Windows Store approach to gaming, and described the latest changes as “anti-competitive” and “anti-user” in a Twitter rant.

Microsoft is also currently testing a new “Windows 10 Cloud” version of its operating system that will block classic desktop apps from being installed. The software maker hasn’t officially unveiled Windows 10 Cloud yet, but screenshots recently leaked showing that it looks identical to the regular version of Windows 10.