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Bill Gates does David S Pumpkins parody four months late

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Bill Gates loves making silly videos. During his time at Microsoft he made hundreds that were distributed internally as a way for him to reach out to colleagues with humor. He especially loves goofing around for Reddit Ask Me Anything appearances, and today is no different. Gates is planning to hold a Reddit AMA at 12PM ET / 9AM PT today, and he decided to recreate Saturday Night Live’s David Pumpkins haunted elevator skit to celebrate.

He’s four months late to the parody, but that doesn’t make his spoof any less disturbing than Tom Hanks’ own take. It personally reminds me of when Gates turned into Austin Powers to tackle a cackling Steve Ballmer as Dr. Evil. If you’re not familiar with Gates’ prior video work then you can find plenty of examples here, and stay tuned to Reddit at 12PM ET / 9AM PT for Gates’ AMA.