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Amazon’s web servers are back online after more than four hours of disruption

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Amazon has brought its hosting services back online after more than four hours of errors that took down sites and services across the web. Hosting services are now “operating normally,” Amazon says, and the errors that had been popping up throughout the day are supposed to have been resolved.

A huge number of companies rely on Amazon’s S3 hosting service for their websites and apps, so when Amazon began experiencing errors earlier today, a much larger part of the internet felt it too.

Trello, Quora, and IFTTT were among the services that went down because of the errors. Nest thermostats and Amazon’s Alexa had problems. And even standbys like went down.

Amazon’s hosting outages have been pretty rare, but when they hit, they’re wide and noticeable. The last major issue popped up in 2015 and took down or slowed down sites including Netflix, Airbnb, and IMDb.

Today’s issues started around 12:40PM ET. Amazon had begun to restore parts of the service by around 4PM, but it wasn’t until just after 5PM that Amazon said its systems had fully recovered.