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The new Alien: Covenant trailer gives us a good look at the updated xenomorph

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The last Alien: Covenant teaser was a subtle hint at the dangers the movie’s colonists would face on their new world, taking the time to make a reference to the iconic dinner scene in the original Alien. The new trailer, released today, has none of that subtlety — it seems like it’s basically the whole movie condensed into a two-minute clip.

That means that if you want to go into theaters on May 19th this year and be surprised by Ridley Scott’s next take on the Alien series, you might want to steer clear of this trailer. But for the too-curious among you, the clip will show you a world that seems strangely like our own Earth, albeit with some minor (and deadly) tweaks. The trailer also gives us one of the best looks yet at the Alien (or Aliens?) that will be terrorizing the human colonists, showing them in both facehugger and fully grown form.

There are shades of Prometheus in Alien: Covenant’s blue-green shots and sweeping, silent vistas. But there’s also nods to both the original Alien and Aliens, with the colonists trapped both on a ship and in a new colony with a lethal monster. We’ll see which way the new movie goes — Alien good or Prometheus bad — in two months.