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Windows 10 Cloud looks just like Windows 10 in leaked screenshots

Chrome OS may have some competition soon

Windows 10 Cortana Eater

Just a few days after news broke that Microsoft is planning a competitor to Chrome OS, the first screenshots of the operating system have leaked out. Windows 10 Cloud is reportedly a lightweight version of Microsoft’s OS that will be able to run on low-cost PCs targeted at the education and business sectors.

But looking at the screenshots leaked by Windows Bog Italia, you’d be hard-pressed to point out any glaring differences between the Cloud OS and the standard version of Windows 10.

ZDNet is reporting that Windows 10 Cloud is designed to only run universal apps from the Windows Store, which means visual changes may not have been needed. We still don’t know when Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 Cloud, but given that screenshots are already surfacing, we may see it launch alongside the Creators Update for Windows 10 which is due in April.