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Iron Fist is already the most memeable member of the Defenders

Iron Fist is already the most memeable member of the Defenders


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Netflix recently released new images of Iron Fist, its forthcoming series set in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, which leads up to its forthcoming superhero team-up season Defenders later this year. It’s a mix of promotional shots and episode stills, the best of which tease returning characters from shows like Jessica Jones. And then there’s the other kind of best, by which I mean the memeable sort.

On Twitter, fans have taken notice of these inarguably bizarre shots of Danny Rand (played by Game of Thrones star Finn Jones) showing off his sick chest tattoo. Rand is, of course, a Caucasian superhero trained in the mystic martial arts. Jones’ version of Danny Rand faithfully keeps the dragon tattoo from the comics, but somehow it doesn’t translate quite as smoothly in a live-action setting.

The premiere of Iron Fist is just over a month away; it hits Netflix March 17th. In the months leading up to its arrival, there’s been controversy surrounding its diversity and Asian representation. Shows like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones have set a high bar by offering heroes authentic to their experiences and thoughtful examinations of trauma and race.

Iron Fist is in a delicate position. It needs to find a way to be relevant in today’s overwash of heroes — or it may find itself as the butt of internet jokes for a long while.