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Decorate your walls with this stunning painting of Mars

The painting replicates NASA’s photographic mosaics

Steve Gildea

I’ve been a fan of an artist named Steve Gildea’s for a couple of years now. He’s done some incredible paintings and illustrations of our Solar System, whether it’s astronauts or the planets of the Solar System. He’s just created a new, beautiful painting of Mars that I really want to frame on the wall of my office.

The painting is a four-piece panel called Ma’adim Vallis, Mars. Painted with oil on canvas, Gildea noted that he “was inspired to do multi-panel pieces by early photos from Mariner 4 and other NASA probes.” Scientists would overlap the images to make a much larger image, which Gildea said he appreciated.

NASA/Ted Stryk

Gildea’s painting is four separate panels, each with a slightly different color scheme, depicting Ma'adim Vallis, a huge channel that stretches just over 400 miles and dwarfs our own Grand Canyon.

Fortunately, you can get one of these yourself directly from the artist. A full-sized reproduction on canvas will run you $300, but a smaller signed print will cost you just $50.