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The Super Bowl live-streams crashed for both Comcast and Fox Sports

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There are more ways than ever for viewers to watch the Super Bowl: apps, on tablets, and your traditional television broadcast. With a variety of options, viewers typically have a backup if one goes down. That’s what happened this evening: some Comcast users found that their service went out about 40 minutes before the game began, while those watching on the Fox Sports app lost their stream during the game’s fourth quarter.

According to USA Today, a Comcast spokesperson confirmed that there were some regional outages in Washington, DC due to a pair of fires in the area. There were other reports of outages across the country as well.

Viewers watching on consoles such as Xbox One, or set-top boxes like Roku were able to watch a bit more of the game before their stream cut out, although many found that the network’s Spanish stream was still operating.

Fox Sports service confirmed the outage, and requested that users close and reopen the stream:

This isn’t the first time streaming services haven’t been able to keep up with big sporting events: DirectTV was plagued with some issues last December, preventing viewers from watching NFL games and other programming.