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Google Maps on Android gets a new design with quick access to commuting information

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Easy access to nearby food, commute times, and traffic info

Google Maps for Android is getting a bit of a face-lift today, with the addition of a new information panel at the bottom of the home screen. Users can simply swipe up from the bottom of the window to open the pane, which has three tabs: one for nearby places, like eateries and ATMs; one for real-time commute information, including current traffic estimates; and one for public transportation, featuring the estimated time of arrival for upcoming trains and buses.

Overall it seems to be a minor, but useful update, which makes looking up commute estimates or subway times a little more accessible than they had been previously — something that could be helpful for the next time you’re running late to work.

There’s no word yet as to whether the new information window will be coming to other platforms like iOS, but the update should be rolling out to Google Maps users on Android starting today.