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Watch the new trailer for Samurai Jack Season 5

Watch the new trailer for Samurai Jack Season 5


It is glorious

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Samurai Jack, the mythical tale of a time-traveling warrior from legendary animator and director Genndy Tartakovsky, is back for a fifth and final season on March 11th. Now, we’ve got our very first trailer showing a now-ageless Jack stuck forever in the future. According to early interviews with Tartakovsky and details from Adult Swim, this final chapter takes place 50 years after the events of season four. Jack is stuck in the techno-dystopia brought on by the demon Aku, and he’s seemingly lost all hope of traveling back to the past.

The trailer, however, gives us a glimpse of the final fights ahead. Jack, now bearded and disheveled, is shown facing off against a legion of well-trained female warriors and wielding all sorts of advanced weaponry to a musical backdrop of synthwave tunes. (Many viewers in the YouTube comments are drawing direct connections between the trailer soundtrack and artists featured in the violent, stylistic Hotline Miami games.) Needless to say, Tartakovsky’s return to the Samurai Jack universe is a much-needed conclusion to one of the best animated series Cartoon Network has ever put out.

- Source: Adult Swim (YouTube)