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Morgan made a tiny three-wheeled EV for kids that costs $10,000

Morgan made a tiny three-wheeled EV for kids that costs $10,000


Today in unnecessarily posh kids toys...

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British car company Morgan is famous for making stylish retro three-wheelers like the all-electric EV3, which the company debuted at the Geneva Motor Show last year. But what’s a Morgan owner to do when their underage child also wants to live the three-wheeled, zero-emissions life? Today, there’s an answer to that highly specific and privileged question: the EV3 Junior.

The EV3 Junior is, unsurprisingly, a smaller and tamer version of the EV3 that Morgan made specifically for kids. The little electric trike has a 10-mile range and a top speed of 10 miles per hour, putting it in the same sort of spec range as Radio Flyer’s tiny $500 Tesla Model S or the $999 Actev Arrow Kart.

Carbon fiber, hand-stitched leather, and a shocking price tag

Those kiddy cars are little more than premium (but still plasticky) Power Wheels substitutes, though. The EV3 Junior, on the other hand, is made of carbon fiber, and features a wooden dashboard and hand-stitched leather. It also has headlights, a real suspension, and Morgan says each order can be custom built to order. As a result, the EV3 Junior is — how do I say this? — bloody expensive: Morgan is charging around $10,000 after tax for each of these tiny EV3 replicas.

That’s a lot of money for something that a kid is going to outgrow in a few years. So a word of caution for prospective EV3 Junior buyers, if you’re even real: dreaming a little smaller might not be such a bad thing. After all, the Actev Arrow Kart can do donuts.