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Playing Portal in augmented reality seems like a mighty fun time

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This is a triumph!

If you are not yet convinced that augmented reality is something to get behind, let this demo of Portal on Microsoft’s HoloLens headset change your mind. Created by Kenny W., a developer who regularly shares his AR-based projects on YouTube, the video shows you what it’s like to play the classic puzzle adventure in mixed reality.

The demo comes complete with a Companion Cube that you, thankfully, do not have to toss in an incinerator. Rather, you can shoot orange-and-blue portals on any surface, drop the cube into them, and watch as it teleports around your house. The cube even recognizes a flight of stairs and falls down appropriately.

Unfortunately, the demo stops shy of allowing you to walk through walls or jump through ceilings. I certainly wouldn’t be mad if Valve is inspired to remake Portal in AR — just give me some time to find a cool $3,000 to get myself some HoloLens first.