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Hawaii’s dramatic lava fire hose is back

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Don’t get too close

Volcano in Hawaii cracks through a sea cliff

Stunning footage of a volcano collapsing through a sea cliff in Hawaii.

Posted by The Verge on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Just a couple of days after a sea cliff collapsed and cut off a dramatic stream of lava in Hawaii, the so-called “fire hose” is back, pouring molten rock into the ocean.

The stream of lava formed in January when the Kamokuna lava delta collapsed into the sea. A brilliant stream of angry red lava (named 61g) poured out, prompting officials with the US Geological Survey to warn visitors to keep their distance. The collapse left huge cracks in the cliff, which broke apart while geologists were visiting the site. That second collapse, on February 2nd, appeared to have been the end of the fire hose.

However, in recent days, the stream has returned. A tour company visited the site on February 4th, and discovered that the stream had come back, according to Gizmodo.

The flow doesn’t post any danger to nearby communities, but the USGS’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory continued to warn visitors to keep their distance. “Venturing too close to an ocean entry on land or the ocean exposes you to flying debris created by the explosive interaction between lava and water,” the USGS said in a statement.