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LED lights on a fretboard seem like the obvious way to learn guitar

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Fret Zeppelin

Fret Zeppelin is going to tech you how to play guitar through fiber-optic LED lights. Instead of relying on an instructor or a specialized beginner’s guitar, Fret Zeppelin fits onto an already existent full-sized guitar of a player’s choosing. Once on the guitar, players can pick whatever song they want to learn through the Fret Zeppelin’s companion iOS / Android app. The lights will then blink to denote what notes to play while the app listens to hear if you’ve hit them. The process makes sense.

Once you’ve mastered a few songs, you can set the Fret Zep, as I’m calling it, to light up in a more abstract pattern. I’m sure this will please party guests and subway riders who would be otherwise annoyed by your amateur guitar playing. Lights are crowdpleasers.

Light-up guitars (and ukuleles) have existed for years, but Fret Zeppelin says its product differs because you can pick whatever guitar you want without having to stick with Zep’s idea of what’s good. So thoughtful. F Z, as I’m calling it, starts at $199 on Kickstarter.