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Add some groovy LED light notifications to your Moto Z with this neat mod

Add some groovy LED light notifications to your Moto Z with this neat mod

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Smartphones nowadays look like a bunch of the same, glossy bricks with different megapixel cameras and processors. Yawn. I remember when having a different phone from your peers was actually cool and unique, and it’s that kind of throwback that Motorola seems to want to capitalize on with the new Moto Mod accessories for the Moto Z. The latest one to hit Indiegogo invokes a somewhat nostalgic feel: a Moto Mod concept that would build in an LED lighting system along the sides of the phone to customize different colored lights for different notifications.

The rainbow of lights remind me of the old BlackBerry phones that you could customize LED colors to match incoming calls or texts from a particular person. The Edge Moto Mod system would be a little more complex, obviously. The idea is that you can personalize the colors based on the apps these notifications come from, pick from a deeper array of color options, and choose glow patterns of your choice. You can also use it to alert you to other things like low battery or morning alarms.

The Indiegogo project offers an advance version of the system called Edge Force that can double as a battery pack. Backings start at $55 and will be available in July if fully funded.