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Spotify Premium is now included with new digital New York Times subscriptions

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Spotify daily mixes (better) Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

In its most recent earnings report, The New York Times Co. said it added 276,000 digital subscribers in Q4 2016 — its fastest growing quarter since 2011. To keep up the pace, the company’s sweetening the deal with free access to Spotify’s premium service with every new digital subscription.

Currently, the advertised rate for an All Access digital subscription to the Times is $6.25 a week (or $25 a month). The new deal which includes unlimited access to ad-free Spotify, a $120 value, will average out to $5 a week. As reported by Bloomberg, the strategic partnership aims to broaden both Spotify and NYT’s audience, which has 40 million and 3 million subscribers respectively as of last year. Both companies will advertise the joint bundle, though it is not immediately clear how the revenue will be split up. And if you’re already paying for Spotify Premium, sorry, the deal doesn’t work the other way around. Nor does it apply to those already subscribing to the Times.

Following the subscriber boost post-election — a “Trump Bump,” if you will — it’ll be interesting to see if the Times can sustain the growth with this partnership. The offer is available to US-based customers only for a limited time. After the first year, Spotify will continue to be free for those who bought a subscription during the promotional period.