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Netflix has renewed The OA for a second season

Netflix has renewed The OA for a second season


The first season hit with little advanced word

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Fans of Netflix’s supernatural show The OA can breathe easy: the company announced today that it has renewed the show for a second season, according to Variety.

The OA is about a woman named Prairie Johnson who returns to her family after vanishing for seven years. She comes back changed: she had been blind, but her sight has been restored, and she now calls herself The OA. Upon her return, she gathers a group of four teenagers and a high school teacher to talk about her experiences, then asks them to help save several other people, whom she claims are trapped in another dimension.

Netflix released the first season of The OA back in December with little notice, but the show has been compared to the company’s other breakout science fiction hit of 2016, Stranger Things. Netflix hasn’t released a statement yet on when the show will return for its second season, or how many episodes it will include.