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Like any good cheese, Keanu Reeves’ acting is better with age

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Keanu Reeves knows kung fu, remains one of the best memes, and is a good dog dad. These are personas earned over decades of acting. But a revisiting of his long and (perhaps not so varied) career, courtesy of mashup king and YouTube channel Burger Fiction, shows just how far the lovable goof has come.

Burger Fiction is good at this kind of thing. In the past, we’ve enjoyed their supercuts of Matt Damon and Westworld. This 13-minute stroll through Reeves’ work, from 1985’s One Step Away to 2017’s John Wick: Chapter 2, is no exception. I’ve gathered a few thoughts here, for those who are preparing to embark on this long and emotional journey:

  • Accents are hard, huh.
  • Does Keanu age, or does he just add or subtract facial hair?
  • If I got bangs, would they look as good as Keanu’s?
  • Firing bullets directly into the sky strikes me as dangerous.
  • Wow, accents are really hard.
  • Man, remember how much we all loved The Matrix?
  • Man, remember how much we all hated The Matrix sequels?
  • I wish Keanu would stop doing accents.
  • I wish Keanu would be my friend.