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Six Flags and Samsung team up for a new ‘mixed reality’ roller coaster ride

Six Flags and Samsung team up for a new ‘mixed reality’ roller coaster ride


Welcome to puke city

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If the partnership between Samsung and Six Flags to bring you VR roller coasters last year was too much virtual and not enough reality, you’re in luck. The two are collaborating again on a new ride called The New Revolution Galactic Attack, an experience that now incorporates augmented reality for a mess of visual stimulation.

Just like the park’s previous VR roller coaster rides, attendees will again be given a Gear VR headset to wear for the duration. This time, riders will get to use the device’s passthrough camera feature and see interactive graphics overlaid on top what’s out there in the real world, which means the person sitting next to you could be part of the experience.

That’s not god you’re seeing, it’s just virtual reality

Some parts of the ride will be entirely in VR (hence the “mixed reality” part,) such as drops from the top of a roller coaster lift hill. It’s a space-themed ride, and Six Flags says you’ll see things like a “a fighter spaceship cockpit [that] envelops the riders into a tunnel of light.” That’s not god you’re seeing, silly, it’s just virtual reality.

Six Flags claims the ride is synchronized to the graphics so it shouldn’t produce any more motion sickness than a regular roller coaster, but every person is different so you’ll have to try for yourself to figure out your tolerance for mixed reality while revving around in loops at some 50 miles per hour. You can be one of the first to try out the new ride when it debuts publicly at two California Six Flags locations later this month: Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.