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Kate McKinnon is boarding Netflix’s Magic School Bus revival

Kate McKinnon is boarding Netflix’s Magic School Bus revival


‘Bus, do your stuff!’

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Netflix has announced that it has cast Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters star Kate McKinnon in its forthcoming reboot of The Magic School Bus. The new show will be a CGI animated series titled Magic School Bus Rides Again, which will focus on new technologies such as robotics, cameras, and other innovations, designed to encourage an interest in science in children.

The Magic School Bus was a television show that ran on PBS between 1994 and 1997, based on a series of books by Joanna Cole. Each episode followed a class of students embarking on a series of fantastic field trips with their zany teacher, Ms. Frizzle, who was voiced by Lily Tomlin. The revival, first announced in 2014, was supposed to air in 2016, according to The New York Times. The original edition is currently streaming on Netflix, and the company’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, noted at the time that it was “remarkably popular.” It’s not known when the reboot will begin streaming.

Zany, strange Ms. Frizzle is known for her themed outfits as she leads her class through all types of scientific adventures. McKinnon’s work on Saturday Night Live, the Ghostbusters remake, and other roles has given her a firm track record of zany characters that she’s delivered impeccably over the years. Of all the actors who could have been cast for this role, McKinnon seems like a perfect choice.