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Missing Autopilot 2 features should be coming to HW2 Teslas ‘by next month’

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tesla autopilot cluster

Tesla cars with second-generation Autopilot hardware should receive a big update “by next month,” according to a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The update will apparently include features like autosteer at highway speeds, autopark, and automatic high beams and wipers.

Back in October, Tesla rolled out a suite of more advanced sensor hardware in its cars — radar, cameras, and an onboard “supercomputer” — but the software that makes the safety and driver assist features work wasn’t yet complete. As a result, Tesla vehicles (the Model S sedan and Model X SUV) built since then have many fewer safety and convenience features enabled (everything from rain-sensing windshield wipers to the Autosteer feature that most consider to be “Autopilot”) than in older models.

The current list of features available for each type of Tesla is at the bottom of this post.