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Apple delays shipments of UltraFine 5K monitor while LG fixes router issue

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Up to six weeks until the display ships

LG ultrafine 4K

Following LG’s admission that its new UltraFine 5K Display doesn’t play nice with routers, Apple has delayed shipments of the monitor by up to six weeks on its website. The delay, noticed first by MacRumors this afternoon, extends the wait for the Apple-certified monitor from two weeks, while LG continues to work on a shielding fix for future models to help cut down on electromagnetic interference. The 4K version of the device is still readily available, with a shipping estimate of about two to three days.

The issue was first pointed out by Apple-dedicated news sites and early owners of the display late last month. At the time, 9to5Mac received confirmation from LG that the nearly $1,000 peripheral becomes unusable when located within two feet of a router. This was a problem specific to the UltraFine 5K model and not any other LG monitor, including the 4K version in the same product family.

The problem should be fixed thanks to “enhanced shielding” in future models sold. LG says. The company is also currently retrofitting existing models on a case-by-case basis, and owners affected by the interference problem need to contact LG to get the process rolling.

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