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Google ‘Playables’ will let you try games before you buy

Game developers who sell their games through Google’s app store will soon be able to give players a taste test of their products. The company announced “Playables” at GDC 2017, an ad format that acts as mini-games or teasers of gameplay.

There’s a clear benefit for players, who can try out a game before they throw down money. Sissie Hsiao, director of product management for mobile advertising, said it will better benefit developers, too, by pulling in long-term players.

Although past app store success were largely focused on chart boosting — making sure your app is at the top of the charts for better visibility — the mobile scene has shifted in recent years. Now, the process is “much more nuanced than that,” Hsiao said, as players are more likely to search for specific games.

Playables are compatible with HTML5 and are expected to roll out in the coming months.