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McLaren’s new supercar has a rotating dashboard

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Most cars are used for a single, simple task: get the driver and their passengers from point A to point B. If we’re honest — though they start around the $200,000 mark — most McLaren sports cars are probably used for the same purpose.

But some McLarens are used to go from point A to point A over and over again — that is, to drive around a racetrack. And the needs of a driver on a racetrack are very different from someone going to the grocery store.

To suit those needs, McLaren has installed a clever trick in its new supercar that’s being unveiled next week at the Geneva Motor Show: the Folding Driver Display. Drivers on a racetrack don’t particularly care about things like external air temperature or current fuel economy or the time, so, McLaren’s engineers designed an instrument cluster that physically moves to let the driver choose between two different screens.

For normal driving, there’s a large TFT screen which shows a bunch of information to the driver, and then there’s a slim screen that shows the bare essentials: current gear, speed, and engine RPMs — and that’s it.

The racing-focused screen automatically appears when the driver puts the car into track mode, but of course there’s a button that changes screen modes as well.

The new car, its name, and its trick dashboard will all be unveiled next week.