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Watch the first trailer for Netflix’s first German show, Dark

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Channeling The OA and Stranger Things

In Stranger Things and The OA, Netflix has found success with shows about missing children with possible supernatural connections. Now, it’s adding a third show to that roster, Dark.

The trailer shows off a grim premise: children are vanishing, seemingly being swallowed by the earth near the down of Winden. We see glimpses of distraught parents, and search parties looking through fields and forests. It’s not long before a supernatural connection is made: it’s not who kidnapped these children, it’s when they were taken, with a diagram showing three dates: 1953, 1986, and 2019.

Netflix announced the show today as part of a $1.75 billion wave of new projects coming to the service from Europe. In addition to Dark, which is the company’s first German production, it unveiled an Italian crime thrilled called Suburra and a Spanish 1920s drama called Las chicas del cable. Netflix has increasingly been adding foreign shows to its lineup, such as Brazil’s 3% as it grows overseas.

Dark premieres on Netflix “Winter 2017.”