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Twitch is getting its own desktop app

Twitch is getting its own desktop app


The Curse app is being rebranded with some new features

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Twitch app

Game streaming platform Twitch is getting a desktop app very soon. The new app is actually a rebrand of an old one; last year Twitch acquired standalone gaming chat app Curse, which will now be reintroduced as an official Twitch product.

The app will feature all of the same tools as the original Curse version — including things like screen sharing, voice and video chat, and community server and mod tools — but will also be updated to support Twitch’s myriad social features. Users will be able to connect with their Twitch friends and share their activity, and also use the service’s “whispers” private messaging tool. The app will also support Twitch’s impending game download store when it launches this spring.

The refreshed app will be available in open beta on March 16th, at which point existing Curse users will also be upgraded to the new version.