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The studio behind Rock Band is making a musical mash-up card game

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Harmonix, the rhythm game studio responsible for Rock Band and Dance Central, has partnered with Hasbro for a new physical card game called Dropmix. It looks a bit like what would happen if you crossed a collectible card game with a music mash-up tool.


Dropmix consists of three main parts. To start, there are the cards, which represent various parts of a song cut up into pieces. One card might be the vocals from “Call Me Maybe,” for instance, while another features a Tribe Called Quest bass line. You can then place these NFC-enabled cards on a board to create your mash-up. Mixing and matching cards will create songs, and the sound differs depending on when and where you place them.

There’s a social element — you can save and share creations with friends — but also a competitive one, as the app features game modes where you can go up against other players while building an ever-changing song. In addition to the cards and board, you’ll also need to download a Dropmix app (free on both iOS and Android), and then dock your phone or tablet on the board, where it will handle everything from sharing songs to keeping score during competitive games.

All of that comes at a cost: the Dropmix starter pack, which includes the board and 60 cards, will retail for $99.99. Additional card packs will be $14.99 for 16 cards, or $4.99 for five. Hasbro says to expect 300 different cards by the end of this year, featuring songs from the likes of Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Fall Out Boy, the Jackson Five, and Meghan Trainor. Dropmix will be launching this September.