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We kicked out Nilay and Dieter for this week's all-female Vergecast

We kicked out Nilay and Dieter for this week's all-female Vergecast


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Photo by Amelia Krales / The Verge

On this special episode of The Vergecast, the ladies of The Verge take over the show. Did you know that nearly half of the team is female? Seriously, we’re probably two women away from a 50 / 50 split, but you’d never know that if you only listened to The Vergecast! That’s why, in honor of International Women’s Day this week (and Women’s History Month all month!), we have Megan Farokhmanesh, Adi Robertson, Natt Garun, and Ashley Carman in the studio talking about Google’s big and enterprise-y week, Iron Fist, and the exclusive, invite-only version of Tinder for mega-hotties. Whatever that last thing is.

Culture reporter Kaitlyn Tiffany also joins in to tell us her account of the Women’s Day strike.

0:49 - International Women’s Day

10:49 - Google's giant 4K digital whiteboard, Jamboard, will cost $4,999

13:55 - Google’s Gboard will now translate text into another language as you type

15:32 - Google confirms small number of Pixel phones have broken microphones

17:35 - Google Hangouts is getting a major overhaul to take on Slack

21:39 - Google can now recognize objects in videos using machine learning

23:55 - Iron Fist isn't just racially uncomfortable, it's also a boring show

28:45 - There’s a secret version of Tinder for hot people and you can’t use it

36:31 - Ashley’s weekly segment “Yo, when will I be able to afford this phone case?

39:32 - The CIA is hacking Samsung Smart TVs, according to WikiLeaks docs

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