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New trailers: Fate of the Furious, Deadpool, Atomic Blonde, and more

New trailers: Fate of the Furious, Deadpool, Atomic Blonde, and more

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The Fate of the Furious film still
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Everyone's been freaking out about Jordan Peele's Get Out for a couple weeks now, but you'll have to excuse me for doing it again here because I just saw it last weekend and, yeah, it's just as fantastic as everyone's saying: scary, smart, hilarious, and surprisingly thrilling.

Peele tweeted that you have to see the movie "with the theater energy" or "you'll miss the full intended experience." And he's definitely right — the movie is designed to elicit communal cheers, shrieks, and laugher. After one point in the movie, the audience I was in began laughing at itself for getting so freaked out about a simple scare. That all said, The Outline has a very good piece on why different theaters could deliver very different experiences, which I'd encourage you to read if you're planning to see it.

Check out 11 trailers from this week below.

The Fate of the Furious

References to family: 3
Grenades caught: 1
Torpedos caught: 1
Cars wrecked: all of them.

Deadpool 2


Atomic Blonde

I'm pretty sure the pitch for this was "John Wick, but we get Charlize Theron instead." (Like, seriously, it's directed by a guy who co-directed John Wick.) The film looks good in all the ways that John Wick looks good, but I will also drop a link here that I think may be interesting further reading. The film comes out July 28th.

The Get Down

Netflix's big and elaborate series about the 1970s music scene in New York is returning for the second part of its first season. Though production was reportedly pretty rocky, reviews were generally positive of its first episodes. You've got a month to catch up — the rest of the season comes out on April 7th.

Rough Night

Frequent Broad City writer and director Lucia Aniello is behind Rough Night, which starts out looking like a raunchy comedy about a bachelorette party but takes a much more ridiculous turn after the women accidentally kill a guy. Scarlett Johansson stars alongside Kate McKinnon, Ilana Glazer, Jillian Bell, and Zoë Kravitz. It comes out June 16th.

The Handmaid's Tale 

It certainly seems like Hulu has something exciting on its hands with The Handmaid's Tale, and so far it hasn't been eager to spoil much. This week, we got another very short look at the upcoming series and its stylish, moody look. It comes to Hulu on April 26th.

Most Hated Woman in America

Netflix is featuring one heck of a strange and wild story in Most Hated Woman in America. The film is about Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who led the charge against prayer in public schools, became an activist for atheism, and was eventually kidnapped — which seems to be the part of her life being explored here. The film comes out March 24th.

Lady Macbeth

Every trailer for Lady Macbeth looks more and more chilling. The film is an adaptation of an 1800s Russian novel about a woman forced into marriage who eventually decides to do something about it. And it appears to turn pretty dark. The film comes out April 28th in the UK and July 14th in the US.

Little Boxes

A couple and their 6th-grade son deal with the strangeness and not-so-subtle racism of a small town in Little Boxes. From this trailer, the film looks eccentric, cringe-inducing, and full of energy. It comes out April 14th.

Live Cargo

Live Cargo got some warm reviews out of Tribeca last year, and I'm really loving the look of it from this first trailer. It’s a moody piece about a couple on a vacation of sorts who get caught up in some criminal schemes on a remote island. At least check it out for the great visuals. The film comes out March 31st.


Imagine The Day After Tomorrow, but also that movie where The Rock takes on an earthquake, and also Twister, and also basically every natural disaster movie packed into one. Sound good?