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Twitter’s Android app engineer is leaving for Twitch

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Joaquim Vergès

The developer of a popular Android Twitter app is leaving the company. After working at the social media site for a year and a half, Joaquim Vergès announced that he is joining game video streaming site Twitch, noting that he’s joining the company’s Android team.

In 2012, Vergès created Falcon Pro, one of the better Android Twitter apps out there, and ended up joining Twitter’s core UI team, where he reportedly helped improve the company’s official Android app. Tweeting his announcement, he said that he was proud of his work on the company’s Android app.

Earlier this week, the Amazon-owned company announced a new product, Pulse, “a place where streamers can post and engage with all of their followers and the greater Twitch community right from the Twitch front page.”

The product is similar to Twitter in that users can post text and video updates to a Channel Feed, which will allow them to interact with their followers. The product began its launch earlier this week, with the entire Twitch community gaining access to the feature “within the next few weeks.”

Vergès starts work at Twitch on March 13th.