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The first Ferrari hit the road 70 years ago this week

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Seventy years ago this week, the first Ferrari hit the streets of Maranello, Italy for a test drive. It was the 12-cylinder 125 S, the first to bear the name of Enzo Ferrari, and, naturally, the company wants to celebrate.

Along with a video re-creating the first time the 125 S rolled out of Ferrari’s modest garage, the company has published a website commemorating major achievements from Ferrari’s last 70 years — everything from Formula One wins and championships to the release of iconic vehicles like the 250 GTO, the F40, and the Enzo.

The video also links the 125 S to Ferrari’s latest V12 creation: the hybrid LaFerrari Aperta convertible hypercar, which the company says it created to mark the 70th anniversary of Ferrari’s founding.

Ferrari is planning events in more than 60 countries to celebrate the anniversary, giving the company’s rabid fan base a chance to join in the festivities. That’s a good thing, as Ferrari will only be selling 200 LaFerrari Aperta cars — and they’re already sold out — so if you want to celebrate Ferrari’s 70th birthday by buying a Ferrari, you’ll have to pick a different model.

In addition to the 200 already sold, Ferrari will build an additional nine LaFerrari Apertas to tour around the world and display at the anniversary events.

Ferrari 125 S and LaFerrari Aperta
Photo: Ferrari