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Waze puts Spotify music controls in its navigation app

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Waze and Spotify are teaming up to make it easier to control your music on the road. The two companies are updating their apps to put a little bit of Waze-powered navigation in Spotify, and a little bit of Spotify-powered music in Waze. Users will be able to start a journey using Waze from within the Spotify app on Android, or change Spotify tracks while following a route using the Waze app. Browsing playlists from within Waze, though, will only be allowed when the car is at a standstill.

It’s a neat idea, and one that should make life a little easier for people who use their phone (and these services) for navigation and music while driving. Being able to quickly skip a track without having to switch apps should keep a few more pairs of eyes on the road, although we hope the integration is as seamless as Waze and Spotify make it sound. You can see what the Spotify prompts in Waze look like above, and what the Waze prompts in Spotify look like below.

Prompts to connect Waze in the Spotify app.

Correction, March 14th, 10:40AM ET: A previous version of this article stated that the updates were available on iOS and Android. They’re only available on Android. We regret the error.