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You can now order food from Grubhub with Alexa

You can now order food from Grubhub with Alexa

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If you’re too lazy to make dinner, you can pull out your phone to order something on Grubhub. Now, if you’re too lazy to do even that, you can just yell at Alexa.

Grubhub is adding an Alexa skill today that’ll let you reorder any of your last three purchases. If you want something new, you’ll have to go back to your phone. But the integration should offer an even quicker way to place an order, which could be great for those moments when even deciding what you want to eat feels like too much work.

Unfortunately, Seamless accounts aren’t supported yet

The ordering process has two steps. First, you need to open the Grubhub app by saying “Alexa, open Grubhub.” Alexa will then recite your past three orders, and you have to respond with which one you’d like. Alexa will then finish the process and announce the estimated delivery time.

Unfortunately, there’s one big downside right now: even though Seamless, Allmenus, and several other online ordering brands are part of the Grubhub family, those apps aren’t supported by this integration. So while you can order from all the same restaurants regardless of which app you’re using on your phone, you’ll need to switch over to the Grubhub app if you want to enable the Alexa skill.

Still, the simple integration adds to the huge and quickly growing list of companies that have decided to work with Amazon’s voice assistant. As of last month, Alexa had cracked 10,000 “skills,” and it continues to get useful new partners. Recent additions have included WebMD, Allrecipes, and calendars