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The American Gods trailer shows the creator of Hannibal going even further with artsy violence

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Old world, meet new world

Starz has released a new trailer for American Gods. The footage is the most extensive and violent look yet at the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s classic fantasy novel.

Our first look at the show last year introduced Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), who is recruited by Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) to help in a coming war between the gods of the old world and those of the new. This minute-long preview gives a better idea of the stakes: the older gods face an existential crisis, and Shadow will help with the fight.

The trailer suggests the show will commit to some of the book’s more graphic moments. In the montage, people are chopped in half and blood falls from the skies. Given that American Gods comes from Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller, some blood and violence is to be expected, but this feels like Fuller is taking advantage of a creative freedom not normally allowed by network television and its limits on violence, swearing, and nudity.

American Gods will premiere on Starz on April 30th.