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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S3 will be available on March 24th for $599.99

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The Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung’s latest flagship Android tablet, will be available next week. Pre-orders start tomorrow at Best Buy, Amazon, and Samsung’s own site, and the device will be in stores on Friday, March 24th. As previously leaked through Best Buy, it’ll cost $599.99.

That might make the Tab S3 a tough sell next to the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, a device which offers the same screen size, resolution, storage, quad-speaker array, and accessory support with a dramatically wider selection of tablet-optimized apps for the same entry price. Samsung isn’t exactly going all-out with the specs, either, outfitting the Tab S3 with the same Snapdragon 820 processor found in the Galaxy S7.

The Tab S3 does come with its S Pen stylus in the box, however, whereas the Apple Pencil is an optional $99.99 accessory for the iPad Pro. And while both companies charge extra for their keyboard covers, Samsung’s is $20 cheaper at $129.99. We’ll have a better idea of how the Tab S3 shapes up once we give it a full review, which shouldn’t be too far off.