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Vevo's Watch Party feature is like for music videos

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Vevo Watch Party
TechCrunch was a social music site that let users join together in a virtual room and listen to music together (right up until it died because apparently licensing music is super expensive). But Vevo is taking another shot at social listening with a new Watch Party feature in an effort to try and expand its service beyond being just a music video provider, according to a report from TechCrunch.

Like, Watch Party drops users into a virtual room, where they can add tracks, vote on selections of songs to listen to next, and chat with each other. The host of the room ultimately gets final say on what gets played, when, and also severs as a moderator of sorts for the chat feature.

Vevo is building Watch Party out of its existing app, meaning that it’s vastly easier for Vevo to source content and, unlike, isn’t relying on the popularity of this one single feature to fund the entire service. Like Vevo’s existing videos, Watch Party will feature ads in between content, so there’s a revenue source here, too.

Along with Watch Party, Vevo is planning to launch a new app that focuses more on recommendations based on what you’ve previously watched, with a goal of helping users discover more content — that they can then watch in Vevo, of course.

Watch Party is expected to launch on Vevo’s website later in March, with the new app scheduled for an April release date.