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Would you stand in front of a snow tsunami if you got a viral video out of it?

Would you stand in front of a snow tsunami if you got a viral video out of it?


Me? No

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Passengers waiting for a train in Rhinecliff, New York on Tuesday had ample time to realize that the tracks they were standing near were covered with mountains of snow. They also had, presumably, long minutes to do the complex math necessary to figure out what would happen if the snow were to be hit by the fast-moving train.

And, if you watch this video closely, you’ll notice that many of them had time to take out their phones and prepare to film whatever fate was about to befall them.

winter will never, ever end

The fate, friends, was a snow tsunami. Or, if you’re in the mood for metaphor — a feeling of face-smacking dread, as you finally realize that it has continued to be winter even though for a few weeks it felt like it was already spring.

The choice to film a pile of snow knocking you to your belly like a fifth grade bully in a game of Hit the Deck is exactly that — a choice. One person who made this choice has been rewarded with 1.4 million YouTube views as of this writing. Others were probably not so lucky, as phones covered in snow are likely to malfunction. If you’re in the mood for an analogy, it’s sort of like how everyone makes the choice to hike Mount Everest in the movie Everest, but Jake Gyllenhaal’s character unfortunately dies even though he didn’t really do anything different or worse than the other guys. Fate is cruel and random.

On the bright side: reportedly winter will eventually end, and if it does we can all listen to this song outside in the park and not watch any viral YouTube videos because the sun will make it impossible to get a good look at the screen.