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    New trailers: Pixar's next original, American Gods, and more

    New trailers: Pixar's next original, American Gods, and more

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    I rewatched Alien recently after being simultaneously excited by and disappointed with the latest trailers for Alien: Covenant, Ridley Scott’s first proper sequel to the series. The original is, of course, fantastic, but I forgot just how much of a pure horror film it is — so much is designed just to make situations tense and freak you out.

    I love the subtlety of its world building, too, the way you’re able to grasp the backstory of the crashed ship and the malevolent corporation without much dialogue on them. Everything makes so much sense that it makes the one thing that doesn’t add up for me in this movie stand out even more: why on Earth would you build a self-destruct function into a spaceship? I just really don’t see that being useful.

    Check out 11 trailers from this week below.

    Baby Driver

    Edgar Wright is back with Baby Driver, and it really doesn’t take long for this first trailer to catch your attention with a tense setup, Wright’s signature quick cuts, and some incredible car stunts. I’m hooked. The film comes out August 11th.

    Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman’s latest trailer focuses on Diana Prince’s backstory, and it’s better off for it — the brighter, less dreary footage of her home really sets this film apart from the darkness of the rest of the DC universe, and it’s a nice reprieve. We’ll see how the rest plays out when it hits theaters on June 2nd.

    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

    Oprah Winfrey stars in this exploration of the life and legacy of Henrietta Lacks, whose cells were harvested decades ago without her knowledge and now sit in research labs across the world for scientists to study their surprising property of endless regeneration. Winfrey plays Lacks’ daughter in this biopic, which comes to HBO on April 22nd.

    American Gods

    I’m pretty sure anyone familiar with American Gods is already hyped up for this, but as someone who doesn’t know the property, it’s trailers like this that are going to get me on board. Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller is behind the series, and his knack for creating brilliant, stylized worlds is on full show here. It looks pretty incredible. The series starts April 30th.


    Pixar doesn’t have a lot of originals coming up, but it does have Coco. And this first trailer shows the studio introducing a new world that’s all at once kind of dark but still extremely bright and colorful. It’s an intriguing start. The film is scheduled for November 22nd.

    Megan Leavy

    Kate Mara stars in this military drama about a soldier who fights to be reunited with a combat dog she bonded with after being dismissed from duty. The synopsis would sound a little too-well designed for a film if it weren’t for the fact that it actually happened — you can read about the real-life resolution here, if you’re interested. The film comes out June 9th.

    Transformers: The Last Knight

    Transformers seems to be trying for a Rey-like heroine with the character Izabella, who stars in this trailer with some tough but awkwardly straight to the camera dialogue that seems to have been recorded just for this preview. Still, the suggestion is that the series could be setting her up as a new star, and that certainly sounds more interesting than another outing with Mark Wahlberg. The movie comes out June 23rd.

    Dave Chappelle

    Netflix has a first real look out this week at Dave Chappelle’s two upcoming standup specials. It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything from Chappelle, but that ends when both hit the streaming service on March 21st.

    Buster’s Mal Heart

    It’s hard to tell what’s actually happening in this trailer, but Rami Malek seems to take on a number of strange roles including a tired office worker and a scraggly looking wanderer in Buster’s Mal Heart, which comes from director Sarah Adina Smith. And yes, there’s hacking. Maybe. Sort of. The film comes out April 28th.


    Mindhorn blends together a bunch of familiar cop procedural, spy drama, and action tropes for a ridiculous-looking comedy about a washed-up actor forced to participate in a crime investigation while staying in character. It comes out in the UK on May 5th.

    The Dundee Project

    Why is Justin Vernon narrating this?