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Chevrolet is the first big carmaker to offer an unlimited data plan

Chevrolet is the first big carmaker to offer an unlimited data plan

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It’s not just big carriers offering unlimited data plans these days — carmaker Chevrolet has now got in on the act, announcing today that it would offer an unlimited 4G LTE plan for drivers to use inside their cars. The plan is available from March 3rd, and will cost $20 a month. For that price, subscribers will be able to have access to a prepaid OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, enabled by AT&T, that offers unlimited data on the move.

Chevrolet says that in-car Wi-Fi use jumped last year, with customers using 4 million gigabytes of data — that’s 200 percent more data than was used through its OnStar hotspots than in 2015. In the second half of 2016 alone, the company says that Chevrolet owners used almost as much data as they had in the previous 24 months combined.

The new plan comes as US carriers are suddenly rolling out their own unlimited subscription options, after years of railing against the concept. For those carriers, the change was born of competition, and the auto industry isn’t likely to be much different. Expect Chevrolet’s competitors to roll out their own unlimited options as people are using more and more data in their cars, for music, movies, and maps, and as in-car infotainment systems become the norm.